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Docked Windows Title Font...too big!!!

Started by wapperdude, January 26, 2019, 10:16:01 PM

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Well this has been annoying.  In V2007, this was not an issue.  Typically, I like to park the DEW, Size&Pos, and stencil windows along the left side.  Then, when you select a shape, the S&P window shows you the Shape ID in its title bar.  Well, V2019 tries to do the same, except the font size is too large.  Is there a setting somewhere that I missed to either make the font size smaller or to scale with the text length (OK,  the last part won't happen.)  It would be very nice to see the entire shape name.  See attached picture of the problem.
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2 ad-hoc ideas with no real importance:
1) the selected shape is shown in the status bar (standard function)
2) you could add a docked window showing the selected shape (unnecessary overhead)

You look quite busy these days, don't you? Its a pleasure seeing you diving in the depths of VBA - pity you don't like python ;D.


I concur with original problem but for shape data!!!  It certainly would be nice not to clutter up most the windows that say

"I am here"   :-\ :-\ :-\

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