Author Topic: Strange Sub-shape disappearance  (Read 2940 times)

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Strange Sub-shape disappearance
« on: December 10, 2018, 01:08:51 AM »
I've had this template file for a long time.  It is a picture frame with matting options.  I've encountered a new, bizarre issue with this when using V2019.

If you open the DEW window, you will see a subshape, sheet.6.  This is the outer frame.  It consists of 4 subshapes.  A feature (a real feature), is that when you right click outside the main shape, the action menu for the page lets you hide/show the frame.

The undesired feature is that the frame hides all the time...unless you open sheet.6's shapesheet and click somewhere in the shapesheet.  Presto!  The frame appears!  Similar behavior with the subsequent 4 subshapes.  This is totally bizarre.  I cannot track it down.  So, looking for help.

Attached is what it should look like.  Follow-up post has the Visio file which is nearly 500KB

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