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pdf- export. comment-sticky-notes - offset. HOW TO AVOID

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Hi Peter,

I tried the macro on a different computer with Visio 2010 pro and Acrobat DC Pro and it still works. -17 for x and y axises shift comments on top of colored boxes perfectly.

Another option for you is to use Acrobat Action Wizard. First replace the ShiftComments.js file in App Folder with the attached one. Then go to Tools - Action Wizard - New Custom Command - Execute Javascript in Acrobat DC Pro. Then give a proper name to the label. After you click OK the Javascript Editor window opens, put "reposition(-17,-17)" in there without double quotes. Select "Don't show options, options are always the same". After you click OK, on the right pane, you will see your Command under Custom Commands. Each time you click that command will shift comments in the document. Note that this command will be accessible to every pdf document so you don't have to create it again.

Feel free to ask if you face any problems.

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Hi Emre,
I'll try this on Monday.

Thanks so far- have a brilliant Weekend,

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Hi Emre,
unfortunately it was another Monday - new laptop- new Problems...but after all I got it.

yes this works with the Action wizard.

after checking the functionality I figuerd out that the 1st value have to be positive to move the comments left (and the second remains negative to move them down)... anyway- it works!
Also I let the Checkbox deselected to move them succesively to the optimal Position.

So thanks again for this and the Patience



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