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Sketchy custom shapes ....

Started by Geert, April 03, 2009, 12:19:41 AM

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Quote from: Visio Guy on April 06, 2009, 09:25:58 AM
The benefit of the hand-drawn-look shapes is that they are different every time you copy them, because they have some randomness built in. So every box you draw will look a bit different.

Another benefit is that the Visio Guy/Wapperdude shapes are (probably) lighter-weight than the Olsen/Niklas shapes, because they use formulas and actual Visio geometry, as opposed to foreign objects (bitmaps or metafiles?)

I like the fact that the "wacky" shapes are random and have a background colour option.

Sketchy design is just what is actually needed sometimes (

This one is pretty cool too:

As I need to use Visio for my current project, the Olsen/Niklas stencil will do me for now, but it would be great if there was a Visio stencil to match what is already available for OmniGraffle ( which is basically a fully fledged wireframe stencil kit (



Really many people are attempting to make sketchy shapes!
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Junichi Yoda


I've compiled the wacky shapes from this forum and Visio Guy's blog site into a single stencil.  If you need to see his original offerings, the shapes retain his site links.  The picture doesn't show everything on the stencil, but, it gives you a good idea.  Oh, I did not include the wacky audio shapes.

I did repair the rectangle so it takes colors.
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Hi Geert,

Thanks for the cool links!
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Are there any wacky shapes for flow charting [e.g. stored data, data, decision, etc]?  As a spoof [and as a result of reading these hand drawn threads!] I would like to mock up a flowchart my boss sent out.  It was handwritten and looked it!  He is a great guy and would really get a kick out of it I think.

Thank you!



I don't know how I missed this one, Awesome !


The link to the Jonathan Abbett Visio sketchy shapes 404's. I found this elsewhere on this board:

One question: The method used to create these shapes is what? Is it done with Visual Studio or through extensive ShapeSheet modification? It is probably out of my league anyways, but I am curious because I constantly think to myself "I wish I could just add a copy of this shape with ONE tiny modification."

Apologies for any "thread necromancy" but it seems the Olsen/Wolkert/Abbett sketchy shapes are the only one out there for Visio. And the thread seems to have quite a lot of visitors :) The guys responsible for them have probably moved on to different tools, but a lot of people have Visio due to the Microsoft office licensing.

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