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New user to Visio, need help on recreating maps

Started by may15, September 04, 2018, 06:13:31 PM

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New user to visio here. I did a bit of searching first before typing this up to find I dont know the naming conventions of the actions I would like to perform. Sorry in advance if this has been asked and answered.

Ill give you some background into what I am doing so perhaps you can have a complete understanding. I have autocad experience, so visio has initially seemed much less user friendly (from a very green and ignorant perspective again  :o). I use visio to create editable 'stick drawing' maps of addresses, which include buildings, sidewalks, parking lots and streets surrounding an address (see example below). This is for work and we are understaffed and significantly behind so I am trying to find a more efficient way of doing this. I know it is much easier to just draw what I need to over a GIS/parcel map background but that isn't what is wanted.

When I am doing this process I am essentially recreating maps in visio. As you can imagine this gets somewhat meticulous. I see that google maps, GIS maps, county parcel maps etc - someone has already painstakingly gone in and done this to a much more accurate point that me. Is it possible to import these as editable drawings in any form? Can I download the files from anywhere to open and edit in visio? If you look at the picture I drew in visio you can tell its a less accurate model than GIS/parcel maps etc but I need to add in the parking lots, sidewalks etc. Work wants to see continuity which translates to everything looking the same.

If anyone has knowledge or experience doing this please let me know. I need a more efficient way of doing this if possible.

Separate note:
Is the snap function (as i know it) called glue as i have seen it referenced? The process I do I need to accurately draw building outlines. I seem to have massive difficulty completing a shape to create one 2d filled in shape that is identical to the outline of buildings... if that makes sense. I am not sure if the prior user on this pc had set very strange snap settings or what. The snap seems to avoid locking onto end points and 0,45,90,135,190etc degrees at all costs. I looked for the settings but did not find any in options.



This is the parcel/gis map of what I recreated above.



There is an extension to import OSM (Open Street Maps), built by @Obsidian. It's really cool!


This is really cool, but has 2 issues:
- It is completely in Russinan, with no translation... I've tried to start with the translation one but failed miserably  :-[
- It is tightly coupled with firefighting stuff :D



Thank you for the response. Unfortunately the Russian part makes that much more time consuming to attempt to even figure out what is going on much less translate everything in the maps etc... I wonder if anyone had tried to do similar things... will wait to see.

If I were to get a better alternative to present though it would need to be full proof. Alternate method in relation to just drawing what I need to over a GIS/parcel map background but that isn't what is wanted. I think primary reason that is wouldn't pass is because it visibly looks unprofessional with multiple formats/ texts styles etc...

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