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Report Totaling Problem

Started by Bork, September 04, 2018, 07:07:29 PM

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I am having trouble with a report totaling the information on a shape I made. I have attached a copy to show what is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

PS. I know my representation of a weld bead is ugly, but it looks like my real world welding. :)


First, your "Weld Length" property appears to be a string.
Visio cannot sum strings. Make it a number.

Second, the "Duration" property type seems to be a problem for the shape reports? The "Duration" always shows as "0.00" in reports. Not sure why but maybe somebody knows...
I would try to use less exotic property type, like "number", and simply use formatting functions on the top.


For your time calcs, you need to convert to proper units and format.  For example,
you have Weld Time Per Inch with format m:ss.  The value shown is 4 es.  But there's no per unit length units.  It needs to be divided by 1 inch to get sec/inch.  The formula for WeldTime then becomes:=Prop.WeldTimePerInch*Prop.Weld_Length/1 in.

The Prep and Finish formula gets similar treatment.

The total time needs a slightly different modification, and becomes

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Thanks for everyone help. I am new to the ShapeSheet and am not a programmer. Are there any sources (books, videos) for beginners on how to write formulas for it; e.g., when and how to use FORMAT. Thanks again


I think you can start with simple things...

There is a difference for Visio between numbers and strings, e.g. between 5 and "5", although they look exactly the same. 5+5 => 10, but "5" + "5" => "" in the report.
You need to make sure that the properties you are using can be added. Just set their type to "number", that should solve empty Totals for the "Weld Length"

Second, time intervals. Visio does not provide much of the formatting for the totals field. For the time intervals, the results appear to be in days (!)
And the default number of digits after the decimal point is 2. Therefore, if you have for example 1:00 minutes (em) and 5:00 minutes (em), that would result in 6:00 minutes total,
but if you recalculate that to days, that will be 0.00416 days (ed), and if only two digits are displayed, that would be 0.00 days.

Hope that clarifies the results you get... I am not sure how can you go about intervals.
Visio Shape Reports do not seem to support formatting of the totals.
Looks like Visio could have used formatting from the property for which it calculates totals, but apparently, it does not do that.


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