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wacom tablet with Visio pro 2016

Started by cliff50, August 23, 2018, 10:32:37 PM

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hi all,
anyone know if a Wacom Tablet can be interfaced to the free form pen in Visio ?

My expectation would be the wacom digitizer functions would integrate with the visio interface.
Sometimes the fine detail work adjusting nurbs on a free flow line are difficult using the mouse and keypad functionality, therefore I am hoping the wacom pen to have less impact on my carpal tunnel.
also, I wonder if  the pressure gradiant of the tablet/pen combo would autoadjust the line weight.

any feedback from the non-sales sector, would be appreciated, before cliff outlays a princely sum of cash $.  :-\ (I'm on a tight budget these days)



Once upon a time, I had a small tablet.  Basically, all that was possible were the basic mouse fcns except in pen form.  The pressure gradient ability did not integrate with V2007.  It was a long time ago, in a distant galaxy, so perhaps (I have my doubts)    newer tablet software + more recent versions of Visio shake hands better.   Naw!

Visio 2019 Pro


Four months ago, I bought a $180 Wacom Tablet from Amazon to try on Visio 2010.  After 20 minutes of using it in Visio, I packed it up and returned it.  Arcs tended to be series of jagged lines vice a smooth curve.  And Visio didn't recognize the pressure sensibility.

For artistic drawings, you may want to look at supplementing Visio with Inkscape, a freeware program.  A Wacom tablet would work better there.  One of the things I use Visio for is to trace pictures of items that I want to cut out of metal on a plasma cutter at the local community college.  I export the file as a dfx into Sheetcam, which builds the G Code for the cutter; Sheetcam doesn't recognize anything that is not a vector, hence it doesn't see Visio True Type letters.  Therefore I use Inkscape for lettering (including letters on a wavy line or on circle), digitize them, then copy and paste them into Visio.  FYI, Inkscape does a good job digitizing raster (bitmap) items, particularly black and white clipart. Then you can use Visio to modify lines.

One thing that helps me drawing curves in Visio is my Logitech MX mouse with 3 programmable buttons.  I set the buttons up for Selector Tool (Ctrl + 1), Pencil Tool (Ctrl + 4) and Undo (Crtl +Z).  Therefore I can easily draw, delete, redraw the arc and modify it by moving my thumb.  Sidenote, Logitech uses a unifying receiver so you can have multiple devices on it.  So you could have trackball nearby to jump over to if you tire of your mouse.

     I am not a Inkscape or Logitech Representative :)

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