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Line width after PDF Export >=3/4pt

Started by MPS, June 19, 2018, 07:33:01 AM

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Hey all,

I have a problem by exporting my visio drawing into a PDF.

I have different linewidths used in my drawing (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4pt). In Visio they look all different but after the export in a PDF they all look same. Is there a setting where I can set the minimum linewidth for export?

See attachment. On the left it's Visio, on the right the PDF (in Foxit Reader, Acrobat Reader is identical)



pdf995 does correct...used it a lot on all things including visio for 15


Thank you for your answer.

I already tried printing in a PDF, that works. Unfortunately there are two things annoying:
- The created PDF has a paper size of A4 (my drawings have all different sizes and so the PDF should also adapt to the sheet size of visio)
- I have severeal drawings in one VSD-File which I export using a VBA Macro into different PDF-files. This workflow won't work anymore because the usual PDF printer drivers need user inputs using a GUI and so on...



I export to PNG (single pages only) where I need a generally viewable version - this allows the export to adapt to the drawing size (which may be different from the sheet size). This also means that the exports can be inserted into different documents as required.

I have, though, in the past export from V10 to PDF with different sized sheets and the resulting PDF had different sized pages. The trick here is to understand that export to PDF is a print function, not an export function. Check your page setups for each drawing sheet to see if the page size is set to correspond to a print value (as opposed to a screen value). Don't have Visio on this machine, so can't provide visuals.

Can't remember how I managed the "SaveAs" for selected pages.


Thank you for your answers and sorry for my late response. I have been at vacation the last two weeks.

In the meantime I found another solution that works for me:
- Print all Visio pages in one PDF (by using the print (with a PDF printer) and not export function) with severeal pages and then use a VBA programm to extract and export the pages into single documents with proper names.

So far, I think my problems are solved.

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