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SDK Tools not visible in Visio 2016

Started by Cromme123, February 24, 2016, 12:23:32 PM

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I have installed Visio 2016 and afterwards Visio SDK 2013, but the SDK Tools are not visible in the Developer ribbon. They are visible in the list of the Visio Options.
Did I forget something to do?

Thanks for your help, very much appreciated!



Oh! Not shown also on my Visio 2016 for Office 365.
May be a bug.
Even if you select event monitor from all list, send  to a new tab in dev. tab, and visible in new tab.
Event monitor is greyed out and not enable to run.

May be we shall wait for a new SDK for Visio 2016.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


Digging this one up from the grave...

Any chance you guys figured out what the problem was?

I've got Visio 2016 32-bit version installed on my machine, and I just installed the 32-bit Visio 2016 SDK 2016. However, all the SDK tools are still greyed out when I go to Options > Customize Ribbon...

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