Automotive Shape, Blade Fuse

Started by Bork, July 31, 2019, 11:06:22 PM

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    I recently helped some friends wire some racing cars and they asked me if I could draw up a wiring schematic for them. I have scoured around for some Visio automotive electrical shapes but I haven't many, so I may try to build some myself.  Attached is my attempt for a shape of an automotive blade fuse that meets my need and someone else may find useful.  Dropping the shape asks for a Fuse #, Fuse Blade Type, and Amperage.
     I am a Visio user, not a programmer. There may be some programmers out there that may want make this shape professional and more useful, so I included a blade fuse chart from Wikipedia.  My B&W version only includes the 3 main types: Mini, ATO (aka Regular) and Maxi; it would be easy enough to add the other 3.  It would really be nice to limit the amperage selection to the fuse type selected.  Really fancy would be color coding the fuse to the appropriate blade type and amperage.
      This was good learning experience for me.  I learned how to open groups to modify them rather than adding shapes and continuously grouping on top of one another.  And I finally figure out how to format and link multiple fields to sub shapes, thanks to Visio Guy's excellent article on the subject.