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Rotate text issue?

Started by tabuariki, July 14, 2023, 04:52:16 PM

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im having trouble finding resources for using visio with vba macros. there are multiple things im trying to work out, but currently i need my text to rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise. visShape.CellsU("TextDirection").FormulaU = "1" works with rotating counterclockwise, but visShape.CellsU("TextDirection").FormulaU = "2" and visShape.CellsU("TextDirection").FormulaU = "3" do nothing. any suggestions?


visShape.CellsU("TxtAngle").FormulaU = "90 deg"


The TextDirection cell is not used for angular rotations.  It only allows the text to flow horizontally or vertically.  Allowed entry values are either 0 or 1.  See

For more comprehensive text treatment, see Designing Text Behavior,
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