2016-2010 Connector Change

Started by Fantd01, April 20, 2018, 07:40:02 AM

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I have been using Visio for several years for creating schematics and site plans and have recently updated to 2016 as my old laptop running 2010 went in for repair.

One tool I use a lot of the time is the connector tool which we use for visualizing cables or cores of cables running between pieces of equipment. On 2010 I could simply use this on e.g. a rectangular shape (indicative of a network switch) and I could place the connector anywhere on the shape and it would simply connect.  On 2016 it appears that this functionally has gone as the connectors constantly jump to shapes where Visio "thinks" I want them to go. I have played with the settings to "desensitize" and managed a work around although this involves putting connectors (x) on the shapes which can be a laborious task and I've lost the flexibility that 2010 used to offer.

If anyone has experienced a similar issue and has any ideas if the operation can be configured the same as 2010 it would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Herber

I'm sure this will be one of your Snap & Glue settings. Glue to Geometry is a useful one to set.
View -> Visual Aids -> little arrow
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Hi Paul,

Thank you,

I've just tried this option and it does seem to provide the functionality I need. The only thing that stops it being perfect is if the rectangle (indicative of a switch) sits within/on-top of another shape (indicative of an enclosure or rack). In this instance it seems to still try to connect to the alternate shape. I've seen on some forums to put this into a separate layer and lock, its a work around but not ideal. If you can think of a better way let me know  :)

Thanks again for your help,