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Started by beta, March 20, 2018, 03:25:33 PM

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Visio Guy referenced Visio control handles getting harder to see in Visio 2013:

It seems much worse in Visio 2016. Even for standard black shapes on white backgrounds. For example, with a black 1pt-thickness dynamic connector, the control handles at 400% zoom are invisible at my normal face-monitor spacing. If I lean forward and squint, I can make out a blue ghost on the black line, but it's rough.

The only Microsoft response I have seen is here:

The TechNet Community Support recommends changing the color of the shape. It's true: changing the dynamic connector to white makes the control handles appear, but at the expense of the connector being visible and printable.

Isn't everyone experiencing this? I use dynamic connectors daily for flowcharts and sometimes I have to grab control handles to adjust Visio's default routing. I usually just hover near the center of the connector segment until my cursor finally changes to the two-headed arrow. The other workaround is zooming out to about 100%.

Either workaround is a pain, and it seems crazy that Microsoft would have made this design decision intentionally.

Is there any way to fix this? Am I missing something?

Paul Herber

You are missing nothing! My 2 cents.
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Visio Guy

I made the Connection Point Configuration Tool years ago, and should probably update it to an add-in. You run a VBA macro against selected shapes, and it creates shapes that let you see and manipulate the connection points.

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