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Started by exxs, January 18, 2018, 10:52:05 AM

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Hello ,
I'm working in a large company 1500+ Employee and I'm assigned to draw the org chart for the whole company , we used to use Org plus to draw charts , but now we're asked to use Visio, it's a bit hard this transition but I'm managing it 8),
I have some problems facing me ,
First we have positions lets say a manager position held by two persons at once  :o and I don't want to make two boxes for the job , I need to make it one box with 2 visible names fields  ;D , I'm using the "Belt Org Chart Shapes" this is what they agreed to use,
so the box in this format is like a box with a ribbon around it for name .
is there any way I can double this ribbon or treble it  ;D for positions held by 3 or more people ??? 
I found out that I can draw a text box under the box for more names like the attached picture , but it's not convenient , because we have a lot of jobs with this criteria .
any Help , any solution to make a box with more than one name ????
is it even possible ???



I managed to do this , i used the devoloper tab to devide the shape , some copy and past and it looks like the picure below.
but i don't know how to make it a box again and connect shape data to it ;D


Messing around with Visio smart shapes invariably leads to problems.  There is usually much supporting code behind the scenes.  So, either you end up breaking the shape, or Visio clobbers whatever changes you've made.

As I only have V2007 Std, I do not have the belt shape, so I can only make this as a suggested work-around.  In the Excel file, you need a special cell which has all of the engineer names.  These need to be arranged as you would like them displayed, that is, in the cell, each name on a separate row.  Then, you import this cell for the names.  You may have to resize the belt / entire shape.

See attached for V2007 example.  At least you can see how things were constructed.

Visio 2019 Pro


Try to use not only the container signature, but also comments, maybe it will turn out to make 2 names


Making this diagram is not as easy as it seems. An organization or organization chart is a way of visually showing the structure of your company or organization. It shows the relationships between people or departments. When creating an organizational chart, you should start by determining how your company is organized and what the chain of command is. You should then outline this information on paper, after which you can use software to create a professional-looking diagram. People who know how to do this easily find work at https://sarkariprep.in/govt-jobs/. You might want to ask your colleagues for help.


what you are going to need to do is to group some shapes
- 1 shape to represent the big blue box
- N shapes to hold text in various places in the big blue box
      - 1 for name
      - 1 for some parameter X
      - 1 for parameter Y

each of the N shapes will be filled in (manually or VBA) from excel or similar

Since a group, copy the group or move the group as needed