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Dynamic Connector with labels based on data fields

Started by jitex, December 11, 2017, 06:07:08 PM

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Hi Guys, im  pretty new to these forums and Ive googled like a madman for the answer on this question.
I know there are a couple of threads that address the problem more or less, but not in completely.

I would like to create a dynamic connector for use between network switches. I would also like to take data from data fields and then have that data displayed as text on different control points(yellow dots). The text should also be free floating to accomodate clogged sketches with tonnes of connectors(so it shouldnt follow the line aggressively).

I e.
Defined Data
Interface A - Ie. Gi0/0/1
Interface B - Ie Gi1/0/1

So in text form a way to illustrate:
SWITCH SHAPE 1 -- connector start | LABEL/Interface A | -- | Label/Interface B | connector end -- SWITCH SHAPE 2

I want to use the data fields so that it'll be easier for anyone to label the pretend-cables they connect.

Thankful for any replies!


Hi Jitex
I think this link might be of some use for you. I had been looking for something like what you want, but only if it could be done by using shapesheet purely. The place where I am currently, are not to happy about using VBA. And if I understand it correctly, it can only be done by using VBA.
Its to David J. Parker's Visio blog bVisual, which I think is a great place for information, as is this forum  ;D.

Merry christmas


Haven't seen shapesheet only s solution.  A link that deals with connectors and text boxes...

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