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Invisible Connection Points (group shapes only)

Started by Queenie, February 09, 2018, 10:29:22 AM

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I have no problem deleting showing connection point until I've upgraded my Visio today.
The connection point just wouldn't show for grouped shapes, not when Connection Point is selected under Home tab, not even after opening ShapeSheet.

The only way to make it visible is to select the Connector under Home tab. The hassle of removing the Connection Point is to go under ShapeSheet and go to the connection point row to figure out which point, then delete the whole row to delete the point.

Has anyone experience this and is there a fix to this?



I had tried all of these, but none fix this. The issue is still there for group shapes. Is this a Visio bug?

Quote from: Surrogate on February 09, 2018, 11:23:16 AM
Connection points are invisible since version - Visio 2010 !
Visio connection points not visible



Can't sense sarcasm or seriousness here, I don't see this "feature" in my Visio 2010.

Quote from: Surrogate on February 12, 2018, 04:48:05 AM
It is not BUG, it is FEATURE ! (c)


strange, but I used Visio 2010 about 5 years. I was angry with this feature. and now in Visio 2016 (Visio online plan 2) also!
just developers decided that user don't need see these connection points always.

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If this was an Apple product then we would be holding the connection points wrong! I can see a point in only showing the connection points when they are appropriate i.e. when dragging a connector nearby but sometime you need to be able to see all the connection points. Removing that facility was a bad move (one of many).

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There are times when not seeing the connection points could be a good thing.  But never seeing them except when a connector drops by for a visit is bad.  Seems like an on/off switch should have been an option in, say, developer mode.  Bad M$!  Bad M$!  No dog yummies for you!!!.

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Would also have been better if the connection points appeared when you dragged a glueable control point near, not just a connector!
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I guess, since so many posts on this, that the DIR/X, DIR/Y, isnaptarget cells don't behave as in 2003

It used to be 0 thru 5 showed connection points regardless of UI   6 thru 10, hid them regardless of UI
Honestly, I have not tried it since I don't fully understand all the postings.

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