Make multiple icon sets in a horisontal line

Started by egaklap, November 28, 2017, 01:33:57 PM

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Hi everyone

I'm currently working on creating a process model in Visio 2016. All information is kept in SharePoint with integration to Visio.

Currently we are working on that one process have multiple subverticals. Each subvertical has been mapped and displayed using Advanced Data Graphic and Icon sets. All of this is working very well.

However, I want to align each subvertical icon, beneath the process title in a horisontal line, instead of on different places around or in a vertical line. Please see the attached picture.
I have tried multiple different settings on the Advancced Data Graphic - but none of them gave an acceptable outcome.

Thanks in advance



Don't have V2016...can you select all of he demographics and then use alignment tool?

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Hello Wapperdude

Thank you so far...!

What kind of alignment tool can be used in the previous versions of Visio?
From my experience is that the Icon sets and from Advanced Data Graphics if pretty much rigid and can only be edited from the Advanced Data Graphic's settings.

On this post I have attached an example of the what I want to accomplish  :)

Thomas Winkel


no idea about data graphics, but you could create a custom shape that fulfills your requirements.
See attached example.



My comment is probably invalid.  I have older, standard version, wasn't sure if latest Visio had improved things.  Apparently not.

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