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Shadows disappear when I duplicate and apply the same THEME?!?

Started by VisDom, September 15, 2017, 12:39:28 PM

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I have created a custom process shape with a nice soft shadow. I have places my shape in the "Documents Stensil". In the ShapeSheet I have setup relative references like that...

FillForegnd: =THEME("FillColor")
ShdwPattern: =THEME("ShadowPattern")

When I take THAT Theme and press "Duplicate" and then apply. Nothing changes on my Page. But when I drag and drop the Process shape onto the page the shape has NO SHADDOW! How is this possible?


P.S. I am using Visio 2010


Ok, I solved it by using THEMEGUARD() but the bahaviour is strange since its a duplicate theme and I would expect everything being exactly the same.

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