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Started by username, September 23, 2017, 11:10:32 AM

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Hi guys,
first of all I want to excuse about grammatical or spelling faults that may occur here or there due to be a german native.

I try to export a file (several layers and lots (around 20k) of shapes) from visio 2010 to pdf/ html. Actually it is a map with traffic lines, points of interest and so on.
Export to html or pdf seems to be the only way to make this file available for users without visio which is the majority I guess.

To some of these shapes I attached comments in the 'miscellaneous' section (for pdf-export).
I also added text to these shapes I want to have a tootip at (by clicking the Text button while the shape is selected and entering the tooltip text, format the text to 1pt and make it kind of invisible; which works for html-export).

The export to html is possible but the result shown in the browser does not appear to be really zoomable and the layer- related function is not available. On the other hand the tooltip works while hovering the commented shapes.

The pdf- export works fine insofar the layers are choosable. Also the comments are there but these comments always have this very big yellow bubble which is not directly over the particular commented shape (but next to it) and the bubble is not sizable.

Searching the web shows no result at all about exporting the file and:
- make the bubbles disappearing but leave the comments for hovering effect AND
- let the 'layer' and 'zoom' function as it is after pdf-export.

I have some experience with vba (Excel) but no clue about the way to get what I want with visio.
So i would appreciate some links or tips to make this possible.

Thanks and have a nice weekend


Hallo Peter,
PDF would be nice, but I don't know of any ready solution. You'de have to discover/code everything by yourself.

For HTML however you may have a look at Nikolay's nice work, where he exports to an SVG, imbeds it in a HTML and adds some javascript. Very promising and probably easier to tweak than PDF.

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Hi Yacine,
thanks for the link!
If this can be done with html it would be a mixture between the european temperature map and the Suzuki wiring diagram.
So I'll check this out asap at github.
I have no experience with Java but maybe I can c&p some features without going too deep into this.

Is there a direct link from Visio to svg or shall this be done with some converter (e.g. inkscape)?

If there are some other ideas- let me know.




In the latest version, no javascript skills are required (by you still able to do it all with javascript, I just wrote a bunch of "stock" ones, for typical tasks like tooltip, sidebar, popover). You can do custom tooltips and sidebar with with simple markup (markdown)

Something like this:

My Cool Tip

Name: {{Prop.Name}}
Description: {{Prop.Description}}
Picutre: ![img]http://({{Prop.Picture}})

Bigger example:

Made a short video last week, sorry for sound quality (will try to fix later, not published yet), but anyways:

Please note: in the version 1.2.2 (beta) there is a small bug - please make sure you set the checkbox "mustache template" in the settings for the above functionality to work! (see screenshot below)

"Layers" and "Zoom" are out of the box.
There are some improvements regarding scroll/zoom for mobile - in particular, iPad/iPhone specific stuff (tags to tell the browser that zoom is supported). Then "two finger touch" option for mobile devices, and ctrl/shift option for desktop - so that when embedding a drawing, and scrolling it on a tablet, the page is scrolled, not the embedded diagram by default. These options can be found under "advanced" tab.

Some use cases I'm aware of - the tool was used by users to drawing electric schematics for cars (for layers), and some business process stuff (for popovers)

There are some known issues with CISCO stencils (especially with those marked as "powerpoint") - does not work for some shapes, embedded emf is not rendered properly, but probably you won't hit those.

One more thing regarding Windows 7 / Visio 2010 install (reported by one customer). If you see "invalid certificate", make sure you have all windows/office updates installed. In particular, this one: (the latest vsto runtime). This is about SHA-256 support.

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Hi Nikolay- thanks for the the tips

I've learned to use vba with Excel by just copying relevant parts from forum discussions- so it could be worse.

You wrote about a bug ... in version 1.2.2.- what do you mean exactly?

The other things I'll check up later.


p.s- have some trouble with the question about abcdef- what do the forum want?


About 1.2.2 - when you check "template", like in video, it does not work unless you set that checkbox :)


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hi Nikolai

abcdef is a question to make sure that I'm not a robot.
I try to answer this correctly until it is disappearing and either the answer is correct (which I can't remember) or the question will be replaced by another one.

I'll go on next week with visio- now I have something to explore- thanks a lot!