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Visio internal error 3401

Started by Croc, July 26, 2020, 10:04:11 AM

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Today I discovered such an error.
Visio 2013
The Visio drawing is connected to Access. Two links (2 Datarecordset) with "Select ..." queries.
The External Data Window is open.
There are no links between shapes and external data
The document contains one page and a couple of shapes. Datarecordsets contain approximately 150 and 400 lines.

1. After loading the document, everything works fine.
2. After using the Data / Refresh All menu once, everything is fine.
3. After a second use of the Data / Refresh All menu, Visio stops performing some functions.
- Moving the shape with the mouse does not work (moving with the keys works).
- Ctrl+C does not work. An error appears as in the picture. (Ctrl+D works).

4. If the document is loaded again, everything repeats (at first it works, after the second data refresh it breaks).

Some research:
1. A similar experiment with Excel does not lead to an error.
2. If I delete one Datarecordset, then the error appears not after the second, but after the third refresh.
3. If the source is not a query, but a static table (with the same data), there is no error.

I have not yet found the cause and not completed the research. I just want to inform you that "it happens." Refreshing the data may result in error 3401.


Browser ID: smf (possibly_robot)
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Sub templates: 6: init, html_above, body_above, main, body_below, html_below.
Language files: 4: index+Modifications.english (default), Post.english (default), Editor.english (default), Drafts.english (default).
Style sheets: 4: index.css, attachments.css, jquery.sceditor.css, responsive.css.
Hooks called: 155 (show)
Files included: 32 - 1207KB. (show)
Memory used: 1001KB.
Tokens: post-login.
Cache hits: 13: 0.00123s for 26,764 bytes (show)
Cache misses: 2: (show)
Queries used: 16.

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