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Bounding Box Expanding Beyond Shape During Scaling

Started by ZachFey, September 07, 2017, 03:45:59 PM

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Hey guys,

I'm having an issue with the bounding box on a grouped shape. The grouped shape is basically a pipe made out of a rectangle with two "end caps" on either side. The end caps are locked so that they do not stretch when the overall grouped shape is lengthened. The idea I'm going for is that I can lengthen the pipe without distorting the end caps. However, when I lengthen the pipe, the shape does not lengthen along with the bounding box. This results in a bounding box that is much longer (or shorter) than the visual shape. Is there a way to prevent this? Perhaps a way to make sure the end caps are always at the outer edge of the bounding box? Or maybe an entirely different approach?

I've attached a couple of images that help illustrate what I'm describing.

I believe this happens because the bounding box expands as if the end caps are being distorted. However, since the end caps' dimensions are locked, they are not expanding at the same rate of the bounding box.

Thanks so much for your time.


I've written a small tool to set up the behaviour of sub-shapes.
You may have a try with your shape.


Yacine, I was able to fix my problem after only 2 minutes of your first video. Thank you! I think I will also watch the rest to learn how to use the tool as it seems very useful. Thanks again!

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