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Space shape odd behavior

Started by Jennifer, March 20, 2015, 08:21:20 PM

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I just tried the Space shape for the first time since upgrading to Visio 2010. I am getting an odd effect that I'm pretty sure wasn't happening in 2007. To illustrate these points, I have uploaded some screen shots to this Dropbox folder:

The images are numbered (01, 02, ...) and are referred to by those numbers (nn) below.

  • In a new document, I draw a complex shape. There are no layers defined. (01)
  • I drag the space shape onto the page. Most of the time, it starts out huge (10' x 10'). But once in awhile it starts out much smaller (1.25" by 1.25"). But the area reported is always "100 sq. ft.", even when the Size & Position table shows it as 1.25" by 1.25". (02)
  • It also creates a new layer (Space). Is there any way to disable that? (02)
  • If I change the width and height value to 2" x 2", the label changes to "256 sq. ft.". (03)
  • I create a new layer (New Layer) and make it not visible. If I assign the Space shape to that layer, the shape disappears, but the label remains. (04) The label cannot be selected.
  • If I make the Space layer not visible, the label disappears. (05)
  • If I right-click the Space shape and select Set Display Options..., I find that there are 4 Label fields with various settings. (06)
  • I change the label settings and increase the font size. The calculation is still wrong, but now it's in square inches. (07)
  • Next, right-click and choose Auto Size. It fills the space, but calculates the area incorrectly. (08)

Is there some way I can get this thing to work right?

Am I in some kind of Candid Camera set up?
Using Visio 2019, part of Office 365 on Windows 10

John Nouss

I'm experiencing the similarly described issues.
I don't see any reply. It could be that I'm just new to this forum and don't know how to view replies to Jennifer's post.
Any pointers regarding specific required settings, steps in order to use the "Space" shape tool would be appreciated.

Flaky behavior started when I began creating custom master shapes on my own stencils last week.
128 error trying to open diagram files that were created from 2 days of copying space shapes and labeling them for different departments with in my floor plan. After much research on the web, I'm not sure if there is anyway to resurrect these files, even though I was able to view them in Windows explorer through the preview pane. Such a frustrating tease!
Then with our IT department, I concluded that maybe my visio installation was corrupt and I somehow inadvertently made some setting changes, so we reloaded Vision 2010 professional.  Now, "No preview available" in the Windows Explorer. I've surmised that a regedit setting probably needs to be set for the preview handler, but I digress.

I'm puzzled why the 100 sq ft, now shows on the "space" shape all the time even when changing the size, and when I drop it within a simple rectangular room, it doesn't Autosize to fill the rectangle.

If my installation of Visio isn't Candid Camera, then maybe Dr. Peter Venkman from the "Ghostbusters" movie is quizzing me against the attractive coed.  :P

BTW First time poster, and I really appreciate and respect the team of lead contributors who make this a strong and supportive Visio knowledge base site. And so, I've shifted from voyeur to participant, though not sure how much I can help.

I'd appreciate any help.

John Nouss

After Continued research on the web, I discovered a work around solution.
There is a way to launch Visio with default (clean) using a switch /safe. {c:\program files\microsoft office\office14>visio.exe  /safe}.
In doing this I opened a clean building template and the space shape size sq ft varies as expected with changing size, and AutoSize now works.
Clearly there is some strange setting or corrupted aspect to launching my Visio and template. For not not worth investigating.

Any ideas still welcome. -john

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