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The comment cell is used to display the screen tip when you hover over the shape. I cant seem to put a cell reference in the comment cell. If I put sheet.1!user.part_name in the comment cell that is what is displayed in the tip(not the value of sheet.1!user.part_name). Anyone know how to user a cell refence in the commnet cell in the misc section of the shapesheet?


Tried this, but I don't have any problems. Make sure you don't put sheet.1!user.part_name between quotes.
Remove everything in the comments cell and enter this:

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

It should work...

(I use Visio 2007, might be usefull to know)

- Lars

Sorry, this was user error again.  ??? I did not put the equal sign in the formula. Another senior moment.

Please excuse my novice mistakes........


We're all human  ;D

Visio Guy:

This is TOTALLY a normal mistake to make. The full mystery goes like this...

You see, certain ShapeSheet cells expect strings, and therefore play tricks on you.

Cells like:

* Actions.Menu
* Actions.SortKey
* Actions.TagName
* Controls.Prompt (Tip)
* Comment
* Hyperlink.Address
* Hyperlink.Description
* Hyperlink.ExtraInfo
* Hyperlink.SubAddress
* Prop.Format
* Prop.Label
* Prop.Prompt
* Prop.SortKey
* SmartTag.TagName
* User.Prompt
and more, expect a string, and automatically put quotes around whatever you type. The trick, which is somewhat Excel-like, is to type "=" first.

So we select the Comment cell, then type: Sin(45)

Visio automatically makes it "Sin(45)", which for most people is pretty uninteresting.

So we try again, but this time type: =Sin(45)

Visio says: "AHA! A mathematical, or ShapeShe-etical formula! I will treat it like a formula and attempt to parse it!"

These "string" cells can be identified when you are in Formula-view in the ShapeSheet. They are the ones that display a default formula of "".


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