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<DOCUMENT> shape data, edit with double-click?

Started by abssorb, August 07, 2017, 03:28:11 PM

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I'm currently rebuilding an existing 2003 document with lots of smartsheet automation, into 2010.
I'd like to hold some centralised data at <DOCUMENT> level, which will be settings that apply across all the document's pages.

Ideally users of the doc can then populate the settings without using the shapesheet.

Is there any way I can create a shape and have its double-click open a dialogue for <DOCUMENT> data?
I.e. an event which is like  =DOCMD(1312)  but can open another shape?


IMHO You can get access to <DOCUMENT> shape data ONLY with using ShapeSheet !

Just use SETATREF function. In field Value write formula like as
heelpful links about SETATREF
What's with SETATREF anyway?
SetAtRef et al.
Message in thread Change shape color as a function as input


Dbl click doesn't work on the page, but, you can bring up the right click, context menu.  This will give access to limited commands via Actions section in the page shapesheet.  In the Actions section, you can create a series of entries, e.g.,

First row:  rename of Actions.PgProps.  Set Action = DOCMD(1076), Menu ="Open Page Properties".

Search on line for Visio list of DOCMDS.  Not all docmds are available in shapesheet.

This is not exactly a document universal solution, but, it's about as close as you get short of using macros. 

Use a template file for the most common settings.

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Hey Ken


I do this all the time.  As one example, check out a post I wrote on the subject many years ago,  I keep the common info on the document's shapesheet, then reference it from other shapes.  The example shows how to update values on the document shapesheet using a single "hot shape" as the source, but you could use the shape's doubleclick to open a VBA form to do the same initialization.

Hope this helps,

- Ken

Ken V. Krawchuk
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Thanks so much guys!  I will check these out and post back with how it goes.  :)

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