Visio 2016 - Problem report from a customer

Started by Paul Herber, July 14, 2017, 03:52:19 PM

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Paul Herber

Hi all, I had this problem report from a customer yesterday:

I opened the large 115 slide vsdx file, and I started thinking that the two main symptoms ( 1) exiting F5 presentation mode when pressing down arrow to a page that has not yet been displayed in presentation mode, and 2) crashing out of Visio entirely when doing a find) both felt to me like the full file had not yet been loaded into memory. One time, when I opened the file, it was on slide 111/115. So, I used Ctrl+PageUp to scroll (and load into memory) up to page 1. I then pressed F5 and then down arrow repeatedly. F5 mode worked fine. Interestingly, when I got to page 112, it exited presentation mode and went back into design mode. I then used Ctrl+PageDown to get to page 115. I then entered F5 mode again and up arrowed to page 1 and down arrowed to slide  115 successfully. Loading the entire file into memory seems to have fixed the problem. And, I could also then execute a Find (30 hits in 115 slides and then wrapping around to the start of the file to see hit 1 again) successfully.

Very strange. I have never encountered this sort of problem, but I have also never built a Visio file this large.

I am still in a bit of disbelief that the problem went away, at least for now. I was steeling myself for a very ugly file reconstruction task. Fingers crossed.
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i have seen problems by customers starting  with Visio 2013. Usually the problem was that it just crashed on files that are ~100mb. Yes, you are probably not supposed to build diagrams of that size,  but pictures,  lots of pages,  and custom solution data can do the job.

also,  visio 2010 and below, load those diagrams just fine

Paul Herber

The main point of the problem report is that the problem is fixed by going through all the pages in normal mode before going through them in presentation mode.
Just thought it might be of interest to someone.
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