OPR one to many, is it possible

Started by SmTownGal, June 21, 2017, 02:41:09 PM

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I am exploring a new way to write design specs using Off Page Reference master page.
From what I know OPR is a one to one.
My intention is to reduce the redundant page elements entries to one master page. So, for example there is a Home button on five administrator pages and on three external user pages. Instead of entering the Home Button description eight times, I insert an OPR number that navigates to one descriptor that is located on a master page.
Examples of the content in my intended master pages in my spec document- one page of DropDownList descriptors & ids, another page of common Navigation Buttons (Home, Cancel, Reports, Search) and Links (reset password, about,contacts).
Is it possible to have a one to many off page reference within Visio?


A little confused as to what you want. 

Your examples are typical ribbon / menu bar items.  You can do customization for most common/frequent used commands.  The benefit is that they are always a available from any page in the Visio document.  Any other approach would be less convenient.


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Paul Herber

Select the OPR shape, open its shapesheet and scroll down to the Hyperlinks section, add a new row, then add the details of the new shape you wish to link to.
This is purposely a high-level description of what you need to do.
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Thank you Paul, I will give that a try.