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Circular Page Re-Layout creating multiple orbits

Started by ab1987, June 16, 2017, 02:13:16 PM

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I'm attempting to use a circular page re-layout to make a single orbit of 48 nodes. What's occurring right now is 1 outer layer of 47 and then 1 internal layer of 1. I have tried messing with the various settings in the ShapeSheet for Page Layout but haven't found a variable that would affect this. Is it possible to tell it how many elements to put on a single layer around the main element?

I'm trying to get this to all work in VBA so I've been trying to find the specific variable for that purpose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This would make it so that I don't have to write my own routine to accomplish this.



Quote from: ab1987 on June 16, 2017, 02:13:16 PM
What's occurring right now is 1 outer layer of 47 and then 1 internal layer of 1.

Huh?  Clarify, please. 

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Sorry for the confusing description.

I use the circular re-layout tool to put a bunch of shapes (50) around 1 shape in a circular pattern. It works except 49 of them are in the circular pattern and 1 is not, it is off on it's own.

My current method to fix this in VBA is to add in a dummy shape bringing the total to 51, re-layout, then swap the dummy shape position with whichever one is out of place.

At this point that resolution is fine but if this is a problem with an actual fix I'd prefer to use it.


Not sure if you should rely on Visio's auto-layout features. From my experience the results are not very predictable and reliable.
For a simple 1 layer concentric layout, you can try the "Sharem" tool I uploaded to the forum.

If you need an automated solution, you better go with calculating by yourself the coordinates pinx and piny of the shapes.


You can use the arc array macro to place a shape in a circular pattern.  See


Edit:  Here's example of using the macro to generate a circular array of 48 nodes.
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