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Connection Point Row deleted when shape is unglued

Started by MacGyver, January 20, 2017, 07:40:31 PM

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Not sure if anybody has come across this issue before, can't say I have but it inspires curiosity.  I have a shape that is automatically having its connection point deleted if something becomes unglued from it.

I have a drawing with 3 shapes. 2x 'Port' shapes (Port1, Port2), 1x 'Adapter'
Port shape is a grouped shape
Port shape has two connection points (CP) - CP1 is inward, CP2 is in/out
Adapter shape has two connection points - both in/out

I glue the connection point 1 (CP1) of Adapter to CP2 (in/out) of Port1
I glue CP2 of Port2 to CP2 of Adapter

So Port2 is glued to Adapter, which is glued to Port1. All works as usual.
If I move Port2, which unglues it from the Adapter. The entire CP2 row in the shapesheet of Adapter gets deleted!

The ironic thing is, if I manually add back in CP2 to the adapter shape after it has been deleted. The issue doesn't repeat itself.  Any ideas?
I've attached a copy of the drawing. Issue repeats itself across different computers and drawings. I'm using Visio 2010 Pro.


I am having a similar problem, however it looks like the connection points are not deleted but left behind at their original position??

Please find sample file attached!


@MacGyver:  It looks like you did not explicitly add the 2nd connection point to the Adapter shape.  I did see the connection point disappear when the Port2 shape was removed (disconnected).  I then added the 2nd connection point to the Adapter shape.  Re-connected/disconnected Port2.  The Adapter connection point is now stable.

@Sno:  can you upload example.  VSD format preferred.

Visio 2019 Pro


Thanks! Appreciate the response.  Updated my stencil and now the adapter master works flawlessly.

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