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Generating Report in Visio 2016 fails but works in Visio 2010

Started by tverbeke, May 15, 2018, 08:36:25 AM

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Dear Forum,

I'm posting my first post because of this strange issue i'm experiencing in Visio 2016 (O365).

If we run the code below we get an error message 'report definition invalid' but if we run the exact code in Visio 2010 it works perfectly.

Any thoughts ?

I've tried the following actions:

  • putting a space between .vrd/rptOutput
  • deleteting rptOutput
  • checking the references in VBA

Public Sub RapportViso_PowerBus()
    Select Case MsgBox("Export Only this worksheet?", vbYesNoCancel, "Export Visio PowerBus Data")
        Case 6
            Visio.Application.Addons("VisRpt").Run ("/rptDefName=\\fileserver\PRIVATE\ENG\ELEC\13-Visio\DataShapes_Stencils\Powerbus_on_page.vrd")
        Case 7
            Visio.Application.Addons("VisRpt").Run ("/rptDefName=Q:\ENG\ELEC\13-Visio\DataShapes_Stencils\Powerbus_on_page_TotalProject.vrd")
        Case 2
    End Select
End Sub

Public Sub RapportViso_AsiData()
    Select Case MsgBox("Export Only this worksheet?", vbYesNoCancel, "Export Visio Asi Data")
        Case 6
            Visio.Application.Addons("VisRpt").Run ("/rptDefName=Q:\ENG\ELEC\13-Visio\DataShapes_Stencils\All devices full on page.vrd")
        Case 7
            Visio.Application.Addons("VisRpt").Run ("/rptDefName=Q:\ENG\ELEC\13-Visio\DataShapes_Stencils\All devices full on page_TotalProject.vrd/rptOutput=EXCEL")
        Case 2
    End Select
End Sub


1. Try to run the report through the wizard (Run addon / Report... / ... vrd)
2. Publish the .vrd file here.

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