Data Graphics Leaves a Weird Line When is Turned Off

Started by rodsoares101, March 06, 2009, 06:47:58 PM

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I created a data graphic for software mapping but when the user.msvcalloutnumber=-1 a line appears on screen. It's not printable but looks wierd. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong?
Rod. ???


Without trying to figure out how you did it, the sub shape has a width of :

Set it to

I believe this will fix you issue. Should go something like this:
Click you shape twice (should now see green rectangles telling you its not the locked shape), call up the shapesheet, change the width.
It fixed it on my computer try if this works for you aswell.

- Lars


Lars, I tried fix it the width to 1 but still shows. It depends on the zoon you are using to visualize the page, when it's 200% it doesn't show but when it's 100% it appears again. I can't figure it out. I rebuilt this graphic like 100 times but nothing.

Paul Herber

I've also seen these small bits of line that come and go, especially vertical lines, they come and go depending on the zoom setting amd they cannot be captured on a screen dump. I think they're artifacts from screen updates, could be a video driver problem.
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I don't think that's the case Paul, I've tested in different computers and the result is the same. It's got to be something related to the group (image and shape). I tested the data graphics from the Data Graphics Article and the same thing happened with those graphics, so I'm clueless rigth now.


I tend to agree with Paul.  As another test, try saving the problem page as a png file, and then import the file.  My guess is the mysterious line attribute will disappear.
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Wapperdude, I tried but it made look worst. Is there a way to make a macro select all the shapes in all pages and them apply the data graphics?


That's an interesting shape!  Not sure how you manage to change the graphics thru use of User.msvcalloutnumber --> ImgOffsetX, but, I do agree that the line is there when you enter value of -1.  The width*1.035 is just a scaling factor and may remain.  What I did notice is that when I went to a value of "5", which I think exceeds your number of icons, the line disappeared.  So, what's the difference between "-1" and "5"?  Second, instead of using ImgOffsetX, can you shrink the non-displayed images to zero width and zero height?  That ought to remove any image artifacts.

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Wapperdude, you got it! The problem was that I was using all 5 available icon spots and as a result I got that crazy line when User.msvCalloutIconNumber = -1, but if you set the User.msvCalloutIconCount=5 but set the ImgWidth on the Foreign Image Info to 4 (Width*4), it makes 5 show nothing, it's not invisiable but there is nothing to show so there are no lines left.
Thanks for everyone. ;D