Multi-line patterns

Started by Yacine, February 05, 2017, 02:47:53 PM

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I very often need in my P&IDs to highlight the paths taken by the fluids. The most common visualization consists of coloring and increasing the line weight of each single path, picture by picture. In many cases the number of pictures gets very big, making it difficult to understand the system.

A more elegant way consists of drawing lines parallel to the actual path, each with a different color. Now one could do this manually, but for big projects this means that you repeat every thing from scratch, when things change.

So the more clever way is to assign directly to the connectors line patterns. They are much easier to manage than shapes added manually to the drawing.
A small tool would allow for an easy addition of line patterns with customisable line colors, line weights and gaps.

Load the stencil and drag the yellow square on your drawing to start the tool.


PS: Double click on a list entry to assign the according pattern to the selected shapes.
PPS: add roundings to your shapes to get neat lines.