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Started by Gustavo, September 14, 2022, 04:36:42 PM

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Is it possible to make a shape to show a sphere in Visio 3D format? i haven't found a method yet.


Visio don't support real 3D!


Quote from: Gustavo on September 14, 2022, 04:36:42 PM
Is it possible to make a shape to show a sphere in Visio 3D format? i haven't found a method yet.
... probably because the perspective view of a sphere is a circle. ;)
If you apply a 3D format on a circle you get a cylinder.
Use radial gradients to suggest a sphere.

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there is the old trick of using control point to offset the center of circle and then apply gradiant ==> circle looks like a sphere


Visio Guy did An off-center gradient fill that allows more realistic spherical rendering.
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...doesn't true 3D rendering require holographic projection?

Spherical 3D rendering in 2D is just tracking the light source linking reflection and shadows based upon the nature of the incident light.  Visio has some proported 3D capability, and I believe JuneTheSecond explored this initially.  I am not aware of any such complex, dynamic behavior within Visio.  ...might be able to apply Visio Guy's technique to both reflection and shadowing...might be fun experiment.

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