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List and modify shape data in Excel

Started by Thomas Winkel, December 10, 2016, 09:25:39 PM

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Thomas Winkel


the attached stencil draws a new Ribbon "Visio-Tools".
Here you find a button "List Shape Data" to export data of prepared shapes to Excel.
Any modification in Excel will immediately be transferred to Visio.
The shape needs two User attributes:
* User.TypeID = "Name"
* User.ListData ="all" or semicolon separated data row names

Here is a Video:

Unfortunately I was not able to catch Excel events with late binding.
So you will possible run into a compile error, see Surrogates post here:
In that case, simply select the correct "Microsoft Excel Object Library" for your system.
(VBA Editor -> Tools -> References)

Any help to solve this problem is appreciated :)


I'm about start an open source project.
For this reason the code is distributed under GPL.
However, I will publish single features like this under MIT license, if required.
Just write me a PM.

EDIT: Now with explicit support for fixed list, variable list and boolean data types.


Hi Thomas,
shall I again be the first one to reply?

Your tool is getting better and better.

And you're the second (or third) one to publish a synchronization tool. This shows there is a real need for it. How pity M$ concentrates all its efforts on Sharepoint. Small desktop solutions aren't developed anymore.

Well done.

Thomas Winkel

Hi Yacine,

thanks for your words.
This is a more or less generic extraction from my Electric CAD Tool in the hope that this is useful.
I think this feature is especially cool for Visio Standard users as the Professional version has something similar included (Link Data to Shapes).

Now with explicit support for fixed list, variable list and boolean data types.
See this video in 0:30:


I've also published similar thing awhile ago, but for Visio Pro (i.e. built on the top of existing Visio data linking system)

Had to retract it though for a while, as it was not in quite in line with P4B business.
Recently I put it back online and converted into a "solid" product (free for users / not free for companies), added some features (text sync, postion/size/color - basically, cells sync)

Still need to rebuild videos and docs though...

Thomas Winkel

Your back-sync add-in is very cool, Nikolay.
MS should really have something like this integrated in their data binding feature!

I see my feature more like a input mask than import / export / sync to Excel.
For this reason I prevent Excel to ask for saving and hide the Excel buttons.

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