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Shape Reports stored in Stencil

Started by qholmes, November 10, 2016, 08:39:34 PM

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I have a simple shape report that I have in a Stencil that I am building up for my team. I have no idea if putting it in the Stencil is a really bad idea or not. But it seemed to work until recently..
The report is very simple it picks up objects that have an attribute and lists them by Master Name and Quantity. But the Quantity part does not work unless you Update the Report Just clicking through the Next and Finish buttons And then Run.. Then that Report is ok but the title colors are strange. So delete that one and drag a new one in and it is fine.

You just need to go through 1 update and then it works..

Just found a quicker way. If I click Update and then just Run the report then it does the same thing.. It Adds the Quantity part but the colors of the Title etc are wrong. once I drag a new one in it is fine.. And if I close the drawing and create a new drawing it works fine too.. But if I close Visio then I have to do the Update/Run thing again.

Visio 2010 win 7

Any ideas?




So If I store the Report Definition in a file and only use a link instead of using the Save with Copy of Report definition then it works fine.

So maybe if no one has any other ideas I will have to figure out a file structure that works with my team and have them install the report files in it.


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