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Visio internal error: #2123 Action 2017: Apply Data Graphic

Started by grzegorz.ksiazek, November 01, 2016, 03:40:57 PM

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Microsoft Visio 2013 (KB3115428) breaking Data Graphics - Visio internal error: #2123 Action 2017: Apply Data Graphic
I've raised it here as well:

All of my colleagues have come across this but I cannot find anyone shouting about it online.
Removing the Microsoft Visio 2013 (KB3115428) gets rid of the problem.
This does not occur in Visio 2016.

Any fixes, suggestions, personal experiences welcome.

Many Thanks



THANK YOU! I had no idea why I was getting this same error, but removing that KB fixed my error. Maybe it's time to move to Visio 2016, but at least for now I have a fix.

Browser ID: smf (possibly_robot)
Templates: 4: index (default), Display (default), GenericControls (default), GenericControls (default).
Sub templates: 6: init, html_above, body_above, main, body_below, html_below.
Language files: 4: index+Modifications.english (default), Post.english (default), Editor.english (default), Drafts.english (default).
Style sheets: 4: index.css, attachments.css, jquery.sceditor.css, responsive.css.
Hooks called: 152 (show)
Files included: 34 - 1306KB. (show)
Memory used: 1060KB.
Tokens: post-login.
Cache hits: 13: 0.00139s for 26,765 bytes (show)
Cache misses: 2: (show)
Queries used: 15.

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