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Started by oxmo, October 28, 2016, 02:12:26 PM

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Good morning all,

I've been lurking this forum for a long time now and was always able to find someone else with the same problem, but not this time.
At work we use Excel to make tables that we then copy and paste special in Visio.
After this is done, we are no longer able to modify fonts of the Visio drawing or modify the Design\Theme because we get a pop-up window.
I'm not talking about the font of the Excel table, but fonts in Visio (Ctrl+2).
We get a pop-up window:
Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern.
This file (0) contains links to other files.

  • if you update the links, Visio will attempt to retrieve the latest data.
  • If you don't update the links, Visio will use the previous information.
Then I have 2 button options "Update Links" or "Cancel"
Both buttons basically does the same thing, nothing, as far as I know.
We get the same pop-up message when we save the file or when we open a file that contains a paste special link to Excel.
So here's more details:

  • We work on a server, but I've tried to copy all files to my local HDD and that doesn't fix the problem
  • I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
  • Office 2013 Pro 32-bits
  • Other colleagues have Windows 10 and Office 2016 and it's the same error
  • That wasn't an issue with Office 2010
  • I've tried the Regedit HKEY thing:
  • "File\options\trust center settings" does nothing
  • we use template files, but I've tried with fresh clean blank drawing and new Excel as well and still the same pop-up
  • I'm VBA illiterate, but I can probably get someone here to figure how to decipher a VBA solution, but I would rather have a simpler answer like uncheck this box

Thank you for your time!


I have the same issue for months .. any help is appreciated ...

Brad Brown

I am having the exact same problem and have done a lot of research into it with NO results. Anything new discovered?


I don't have any of those Visio versions,cos cannot directly address this issue.  But, I am wondering if this might be a work-around...Visio ought to let you create an Excel file, once that's created, try a copy paste of the contents from your original file.  That is, don't paste the file, but rather, a copy of the cells from that file.

Just quick thought.
Visio 2019 Pro


I have been experiencing the same issue.  I have just found a solution to it this morning that is super simple.  Why this setting is related to the special paste links, I am not certain.

If you go into options > General, and uncheck the box "Enable Live Preview"  this will alleviate your issue.  At least it did for my company!  This setting just lets you see changes before you commit to them (ie previewing font colors)

Please let me know if this solution works for you.


Yes! Your solution flormage333 fixed the problem. I went into File > Options > General, and unchecked the box "Enable Live Preview".


With Win10, V2019Pro, Office10, having the Live Preview enable makes no difference.  Either way works as expected.  So, I still believe this is an Office and not a Visio issue.  Nice to have a simple work-around though for those who have Office16. 

Anyone try this with Off 2013, Off 2019?
Visio 2019 Pro