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Smart Tag ButtonFace Help

Started by wwoltz, October 11, 2016, 05:46:48 PM

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I am seeking help for information with regards to how to apply images to SmartTags (Actions) using the ButtonFace property of both.  I understand that the entry refers to an index in a list of images somewhere but I am not sure where or if there is an easy way to get the list of images.  I am also curious about being able to supply my own image as opposed to those supplied by the system.  Most of the help I have found regarding this is that I need to search for "working with command bar button images" but most of the help I am finding in that search is for old addins that show a list of the images but not the IDs.  I also do not see some of the images that are used in some of the examples from the Visio Guy web site (e.g. Sankey Diagram Shapes and Forefront Icon Shapes example).  There has to be an easier way to get this information out there.  Thanks for any help!


I attached the list of control identifiers for Visio 2013.

You can use the Policy ID for the buttonface. Just copy the PolicyID and paste to ButtonFace cell of Actions section.

Browser ID: smf (possibly_robot)
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Sub templates: 6: init, html_above, body_above, main, body_below, html_below.
Language files: 4: index+Modifications.english (default), Post.english (default), Editor.english (default), Drafts.english (default).
Style sheets: 4: index.css, attachments.css, jquery.sceditor.css, responsive.css.
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