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"Text" Data Graphics without Visio Pro

Started by Yacine, September 12, 2016, 04:02:00 PM

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Here's a small tool to insert a data bound text (a formula) into a shape's text and attach it to a control point.

The motivation for the post was when I discovered that data graphics are only available in Visio Pro. (;topicseen#msg31489)

Having written the tool a long time ago, I thought I'd donate it to the forum.

Main feature is the behavior of the text in relation to the position of the control point. The text is always away from the shape center. So as to be able to position the text as close as possible to the shape, but never need to reposition when the text grows afterward. This is something M$ hasn't managed to accomplish with its data graphics.

The text to insert can be any valid shapesheet formula. If the formula is not valid the form doesn't crash, but the formula is not inserted.

The tool can be applied to all the selected shapes, or all the shapes of the current page.

The list of formulas displayed on the form are just examples. Adjust it to your own need. This has to be done in VBA, but this shouldn't be a big deal. Isn't it?
Why this list? Because you'll be able to modify on the fly a whole drawing by changing the displayed data of all the shapes. So as to get different documents for different purposes/audiences.

I do use the tool on a daily basis. I hope you'll find it useful too.

One could think to push the tool further to get graphical displays. I didn't need them, but this would certainly be a nice thing.


PS: how to use? drag and drop the yellow square on the drawing to start the macro.

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