Inserting Pages at Mouse/Tab Location

Started by Visio Guy, April 02, 2009, 10:53:37 AM

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Visio Guy

From Twitter:

"sriram2world: Microsoft Visio doesn't allow users to insert page in between 2 or more pages. One has to manually drag n drop in the desired location :(  "

He's right. I have customers who have very long documents - more than 20 pages long. Dragging a page from the end to the beginning is a bit silly and cumbersome. The "scrolling" of the tabs (when you have more than fit in the tab-bar at the bottom of the page) is not very good, so it is hard to drag a page to the right place.

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Paul Herber

There is the Reorder Pages option on the page tab right-click, that's a bit easier to use with the Up and Down buttons.
Why isn't Reorder Pages (or Rename Page for that matter) on the main menu? Insert Page and Delete Page are.
It would be nice to have an "Insert Page Before" and "Insert Page After" on the Reorder Pages dialog. Add a Delete Page button as well. Call it a Page Control dialog.
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This is a great idea. I'm always right clicking on the tab row to insert a new tab in that spot, but I always end up with it at the very end of my 20-30 tab document. Annoying.


The whole page thing hasn't matured with the rest of the product.  Perhaps, the Visio team could borrow someone from the Excel team to do this for them.  Oh, and don't forget to include background pages.  Yes, we'd like to re-order those too.
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