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Publish to html display shape data

Started by ChuckS, October 03, 2016, 03:48:33 PM

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First time post: be gentle please

I have a complex network diagram and I have connected the "important" shapes to a database.
What I can't find is a way to display the shape data (not text) when I save the diagram as html.
Using any combination of options in the save as, produces only a basic vertical menu area on the left side, that does exactly NOTHING in IE.
Chrome gives me a brief tool-tip, and clicking on the displayed link in the menu will re-display the page.
Firefox does best, I get a pan and zoom area in the left side menu. There is even a "Details" area below that with the comments "Ctl+Click to see shape data". That does not work at all.

I can see the data in the supporting files folder created with the publish to HTML, but actually displaying the data has me stumped. 

VBA Macro?  Some other method/


Solved with the solution provided at
Using the edit to the html resulted in IE displaying the Details data perfectly.

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