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Difference in months and days between Timeline Milestones

Started by FlowerGirl, August 23, 2016, 06:11:14 PM

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Is it possible to create a smart connector or maybe some sort of Bracket Interval that could calculate the difference in "Finish" dates.
I attached a sample of what I am doing manually, but wondered if this could be done in Visio.

I calculate the differences externally in Excel before linking to Visio, would this help in any way...
I am assuming the connector would have to read the finish date upon gluing to the milestone shape.

Thanks for any help with this function.


Here's a couple of variants.  Modified interval shape.  These show elapsed time in days.  This could be changed in the shapesheet / shapedata entry.

Visio 2019 Pro


Thanks so much for your response.
I changed the day count from days to month.days to 1 decimal point   :D
  using this formula  =FORMAT(Sheet.769!User.Duration/30.4,"0.0")*1

I will let you know shortly how it worked in my project.

FlowerGirl  :-*

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