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Another bug in 2013

Started by vojo, September 09, 2016, 02:14:29 AM

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Got to love this

1. get everything you want set on the welcome page (pinned templates, recent drawings, etc)
2. coworker sends you a drawing and you open (all good, no issues, etc)
3. Open visio again...and voila, all pinned templates gone, all recent drawings gone, etc
    (got to go find them all over again).

Hey MS, thorough test plan, guys!!!!

2013 is becoming more trouble than its worth...may dig out 2003 and reinstall.

I can only imagine the train wreck called 2016!!!!




got to love it!!!

Hey, here is a thought, MS; why not stop all testing and do "dirty harry" releases.....since its all about the $$$,
("ah ah ah know what you are thinking, but this is visio, and got to ask yourself one question, will it work?...well?)

At this rate of de-evolution, visio 2030 will be back to a text entry paradigm.

Browser ID: smf (possibly_robot)
Templates: 4: index (default), Display (default), GenericControls (default), GenericControls (default).
Sub templates: 6: init, html_above, body_above, main, body_below, html_below.
Language files: 4: index+Modifications.english (default), Post.english (default), Editor.english (default), Drafts.english (default).
Style sheets: 4: index.css, attachments.css, jquery.sceditor.css, responsive.css.
Hooks called: 170 (show)
Files included: 32 - 1207KB. (show)
Memory used: 1019KB.
Tokens: post-login.
Cache hits: 13: 0.00135s for 26,764 bytes (show)
Cache misses: 2: (show)
Queries used: 16.

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