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Copy and Paste Issues

Started by blackout376, July 18, 2016, 05:53:34 PM

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So I work with visio 2013 on pretty much a daily basis.

To make a long story short I've run into a bug: When I try to use ctrl + c to copy a shape and then use ctrl + v to paste it onto another page, visio no longer pastes it into the exact same location it was at on the original page.

Things I have tried to fix it:
-Closing the drawing and reopening
-Closing the program and reopening
-Installing updates (had some pending)
-Restarting computer
-Shutting off all visio related services and then reopening the program

Things I have not tried:
-Reinstalling visio 2013 (IT manager is out of the office today and I don't have the software readily available to try a reinstall.)

Hoping one of you has a solution to this random and obnoxious problem.


Quotevisio no longer pastes it into the exact same location it was at on the original page.
As far as I know Visio used to paste it on the center of the view of the window.
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Visio 2013 has never done that. When you use the ctrl + v command to paste something on a new page, it is supposed to paste it in the exact same location it was in on the previous page, given that the page measurements are the same.


According to the Visio 2013 SEARCH results for "Paste," Ctrl-C and Ctrl-P should work as you describe, pasting the copied object in the same location on another page.  It works that way for my version of 2013.  Ctrl-C and Edit-Paste will paste it in a different location.

Are you certain the page setup --- size, margins, etcetera --- is set up identically?  Have you tried doing this on a fresh file, or doing a tab Duplicate, then copy and paste between the two (identical) tabs?
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QuoteSee this earlier, related topic:

Not quite the same issue but the same fix may work...just wish Microsoft would get their shit together and fix what is most definitely a program breaking bug.

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