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Keyboard shortcut for previous page/next page

Started by David.P, July 12, 2016, 07:36:07 AM

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Hi forum,

I was wondering whether there was a keyboard shortcut for previous page/next page in Visio 2003 -- in normal view mode, i.e. not in full screen mode? I couldn't find one in the official list (whereas that list is for later Visio versions).

Visio 2003 for production
Visio 2019



Great, that works.

Strangely, I had tried it just before, and it didn't seem to work there

Visio 2003 for production
Visio 2019


This little Autohotkey script makes browsing the pages of a Visio drawing even easier, if someone is interested (and like me, does not use PageUp/PageDown in Visio anyway)

#IfWinActive, ahk_class VISIOA
PGDN::^PGDN ; replace Ctrl+PageDown by PageDown only
PGUP::^PGUP ; replace Ctrl+PageUp by PageUp only

Visio 2003 for production
Visio 2019

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