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Copy & Paste across pages is not retaining location

Started by lloydburton619, July 12, 2016, 10:52:51 AM

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For the last couple of days, copy and paste (using Ctrl C, Ctrl V) is centring the pasted image, as apposed to putting it in the location of the original.

i.e. Place a square on Sheet 1 on the left. Copy it. Open Sheet 2 and Paste (Ctrl V) - On Sheet 2 the square will appear in the centre of the page. (I want the square used to appear in the same place as it is on Sheet 1)

This used to always work correctly! It's making my life of wireframes impossible!

Is this a recent update? Is there a setting I have changed by accident? Is there a workaround??

(This is occurring across all my Visio document, existing and new ones)

Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you.


Visio appears to be pasting objects wherever the last mouse click is, or when on a new page before clicking it will paste to the centre. This has only just started working like this. Using Visio 2013 and have been for 2 years.


Just done a Windows Restore (which took back the last Microsoft Office update) and this has fixed the problem. I'll refrain from doing Microsoft updates in future unless anyone has a better fix for this.

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