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Mass create organization chart Visio
« on: July 11, 2016, 08:55:07 AM »
Hello dear friends!
XDiagramma - the Program is designed to bulk create organization chart Visio from XLS file.
If You have installed MS Visio is an Excel file which contains information about several organizations that You would like to convert to visual form (graphic representation) organizational chart MS Visio, Diagramme will help You with this! You can convert as a single organization from the list.
Information about the organizations can be represented in the Excel file in two ways.

Opposed to a regular wizard to create org charts in MS Visio is:
Created several diagrams (mass creation)
There is no need after you create the chart manually save it using the save button in the Visio environment

ATTENTION! The software interacts with MS Visio 2013 and later versions.

More information :  (7z Archive installation file - direct link) (EXE installation file - direct link)