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Stencils/Templates in Microsoft Store feasible?

Started by paulv45, July 05, 2016, 06:45:43 PM

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Does anyone know of it's possible to offer Stencils and Templates downloadable from Microsoft Store.
Google: visio stencils in microsoft store
Which seems to imply that as of 2009 it was at out there in some form.
I have stuff I'd like to deploy that way.


No, currently that's not possible, but there were plans to allow that in the future.


Typically, unless VBA involved, the Visio community provides stencils for free.

Google visio stencils

If you are a looking for a repository of single site covers all has lots of product stencils
MS has stencils for MS products as well as education stencils
VMware has stencils
RFcafe has stencils for hardcore communication theory

all are free


As of my understanding the idea of the topicstarter was to offer (sell) his own stencils via windows app store. So user could e.g. buy them directly from visio search (think in-app purchases)

Currently that functionality does not exist; however there were plans to support that in the future, as far a I know.


Thanks for replies Nikolay & vogo.
The stencils I'm wanting to put out there are indeed VBA code based.
Bummer that it's a nogo at the moment.
Would be very handy.

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