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5 things and growing you could do on 2003 you cant do on 2013

Started by vojo, July 02, 2016, 03:47:49 AM

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So been playing with 2013 for about 6 months.   I ran into another limitation, so I decided to duplicate
a drawing I did years ago in 2003 in 2013 using same stencils and shapes:  4 servers talking to 1 storage controller thru 2 EN switches.   

The result was, using same shapes, 2013 was much tougher to muscle than 2003.

1.  User preferences are not maintained in 2013, got to use templates
2.  Group formatting is gone (need to do each shape in group since formatting defaults to white at group level)
     (for example, if you want to make a group 50% transparent, need to do each shape since all shapes go white)
3.  <this is not 100%, but>  control points are not translated to 3D space
     (I include this because, various people here have made 3D shapes with control points that work fine on 2003)
     (this whole Euler Translation for 3D in 2013 is crazy - even the MS coding team realized nobody would be able
     (to figure it out, so added convenient presets - so while the math is great for math levers, it is clumsy/crude).
4.  2003 had a tough time resolving connection points in a very crowded drawing....well 2013 has a tough time
     resolving connection points in a simple drawing
5.  2003 had a tough time selecting right shape in a crowded drawing...2013 has tough time in a simple drawing.

Stay tuned to more adventures ;-)

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