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Using the camera in Visio

Started by tomp377, June 23, 2016, 11:05:43 AM

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Hi guys,

I just found a snippet of code for taking a photo with the webcam using microsoft Excel:


I'd very much like to use this in Visio, which we'll be using to take photos on tablets. I've searched the code, but can find nothing in the Vision msdn documentation:

or the object browser in commandbuttons. Has anyone done this before?  or is there perhaps a standard windows version i can call from the command line?

Hey Ken


    You could cheat and use Excel VBA within Visio.  Just add a reference to the Excel Object Library via the VBA UI and have at it.

Sub SmileForTheCamera()

Dim ExcelApplication As Variant

On Error Resume Next
Set ExcelApplication = GetObject(, "excel.application")
If ExcelApplication Is Nothing Then
    Set ExcelApplication = CreateObject("excel.application")
    End If
On Error GoTo 0


End Sub

   Hope this helps,

   - Ken

Ken V. Krawchuk
No Dogs on Mars - A Starship Story


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