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Visio Autonumbering Issue

Started by TheHeroGothamDeserves, June 16, 2016, 03:27:22 PM

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Has anyone run across this issue before?

I have created a stencil with a shapes that have a simple gradient, border, etc applied. On my current project, I am trying to combine the shape data that is generated when automatic numbering is applied (Shape Number Text and Shape Number) to create a unique ID. For example, using the Shape Number Text of 1.1. and a Shape Number of 2 to create an unique ID of 1.1.2 for a shape.

This works all fine and dandy if I do not change or add text to the shape from the stencil and then apply the auto numbering. However, I need to add text for every shape, and when I do then it breaks my references to Shape Number Text and Shape Number within the formula to combine these two fields into one when I add auto numbering.

If anyone has a solution for this, it would be greatly appreciated!   

Paul Herber

They should remain as separate fields. What are you doing to combine them?
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I have created a new shape data field and I am using the formula =prop.ShapeNumberText&prop.ShapeNumber to combine the two fields into this new field I created.


So, everything is fine now, or still a problem?

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